The new start-up “T.C.P. Engineering” was established on the basis of GreenWoolF project

LLIFE+GreenWoolF project, with its very high development potential, inspired the creation of our Start Up, T.C.P. Engineering srl. One of our objectives, indeed, is to further develop the results already achieved, to create a complete line, therefore comprehensive of pre- and post- treatments, and to commercialize the final plant. In such a direction, we have already received manifestations of interest, both from Italy and from abroad, which we are evaluating together with the potential buyers.
Our Start Up was founded in 2017 and works in the fields of consultancy and training for chemical, textile and process engineering (from this comes its name Textile, Chemical and Process Engineering). In 2016 the FERTILANA idea (directly inspired by LIFE+GreenWoolF project) ranked among the 10 best business ideas in the Start Cup Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta regional challenge.
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