Workshop 20/06/2014: Life+ Xero-Grazing

Bussoleno 1

Bussoleno 2

Bussoleno 3Representatives of the Project Team of LIFE 12 ENV/IT000439 attended on 20/06/2014 to the technical and itinerant Workshop organized by the Project LIFE12 NAT/IT/818 Xero-Grazing in Bussoleno (To), in the areas concerning the project and focused to the exchange of experiences about the study, protection and management methods of agriculture and pastoralism of 6210 habitat or other habitats and species of EU interest. The event was attended by about 30 people. Later, at the offices of Ente di gestione delle Aree Protette delle Alpi in Foresto the second part of the workshop was held, consisting in the presentation of the LIFE GREENWOOLF and other projects having topics related to the LIFE Xero-Grazing, including LIFE project WOLFALPS. Photos of the event are enclosed.

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